Bringing value every day to Greek society

With respect and loyalty in our commitment to bring value every day to Greek society

For British American Tobacco Hellas, corporate social responsibility along with the value given by the company to Greek society is a vital part of our everyday business and operation. We strongly believe that Greek society is a fundamental brace of our company and it is our duty to return the trust that Greek adult consumer shows to us, in multiple ways. That is why we chose to operate with responsibility and integrity.

British American Tobacco Hellas brings value every day to Greek society, and supports constantly this commitment, organizing activations that help effectively people, the environment and various community needs. It is our duty to be consistent in our role of being a good corporate citizen, contributing in every community we are active.

Initiatives bringing value

The Corporate Social Responsibility actions of British American Tobacco Hellas, with basic pillars, the human and the environment, aim to substantial offer, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, public organizations and groups of civilians for the support of vulnerable social groups and the improvement of life quality in urban centers. In the framework of these actions, the people of the company join forces with other sensitive civilians, aiming all together to realize actions of offer, by contributing to important and timely issues for the society.

Focusing on two crucial problems of the country, housing and employment, in the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, the company implements a holistic approach program covering the pillars “Housing-Education-Employment” and offering to the beneficiaries all the supplies that could guide them in their reintegration to the society based on their own strengths.

An example of these actions is the creation of the first Job Center in Greece. In December of 2016, British American Tobacco Hellas took on a significant initiative in the employment sector, aimed to include in the labor market vulnerable social groups. The Reintegration Center in labor which begun its operation in the beginning of 2017, operates under international standards in Athens city center, in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens, contributing in the confrontation of unemployment and social exclusion.

Regarding the problem of housing, British American Tobacco Hellas gave life in Social Houses, in cooperation with the Municipality of Athens and “Human People” organization, offering house to people in need.

In the same time, the company offers a licensed educational program of professional skills, for the people living in the Social Houses, covering the need of education for civilians who don’t have the access opportunity in it.

Helping with determination Greek society in any possible way reveals our commitment to bring value every day, the company and its people prove in practice the commitment to bring value every day.

In 2014, in Thessaloniki, the company supported the supply of food and other necessities for 40 families in need, offering boxes with supplies, specially prepared by British American Tobacco Hellas employees, in an initiative that was organized in cooperation with the NGO PRAKSIS.

In the past, in collaboration with the Municipality of Athens, British American Tobacco Hellas employees undertook the cleaning of pedestrian areas from cigarette butts in the center of Athens.

Additionally, in the framework of another action, British American Tobacco Hellas employees cooked and distributed food servings in more than 200 homeless and people in need.   

Our cooperation

As a responsible company operating in Greece, with significant positive impact to Greek economy, British American Tobacco Hellas collaborates and supports high-profile organizations, in order to locate various society needs and contribute in the best possible way.