Bringing value every day to Greek society

With respect and loyalty to our commitment to bring value every day to Greek society

In BAT Hellas, corporate social responsibility along with the value given by the company to Greek society is a vital part of our everyday business operation. We strongly believe that Greek society provides critical support to our company and it is our duty to give back to Greek adult consumers in multiple ways, by always operating with responsibility and integrity.

BAT Hellas brings value every day to Greek society, and constantly supports this commitment effectively, with initiatives that help people, the environment and various community needs. It is our duty to be consistent in our role of being a good corporate citizen, contributing in every community we are active.

Initiatives bringing value

BAT Hellas’ Corporate Social Responsibility program has three basic pillars: society, humans and the environment. The program’s initiatives aim to make an impact and support vulnerable social groups as well as improve life quality in urban places, in cooperation with non-governmental organizations, public organizations and citizen groups. To succeed and make this happen, our employees join forces with communities, contributing significantly to the society.

In the framework of these actions, the people of the company join forces with other sensitive civilians, aiming all together to realize actions of offer, by contributing to important and timely issues for the society.

The last few years, the company has presented a number of innovative, long-term initiatives.

Initiatives bringing value

During the Covid-19 pandemic the people of BAT showed their solidarity actively and repeatedly.

Through a unique social responsibility action, the company invited its employees to exercise outdoors, as permitted by law at that time, and to transform this action, from the space where everyone exercises, into assistance to social groups. The company's employees united, even from a distance, having a common goal of A Better Tomorrow, they created a "chain" and ran or walked 400 kilometers, which were converted by BAT Hellas into support for social groups in need.

In a similar context during the pandemic, BAT Hellas in collaboration with the organization "Fabric Republic" donated clothing to people in need and, at the same time, contributed in a different way to the protection of the environment.

Specifically, the organization through an integrated and innovative surplus clothing management system supports people in need, while at the same time, it has a system for recycling and reuse the fabrics from clothes that can no longer be worn in order to create raw materials and produce new clothes. With the donation of BAT Hellas and its people, 500 families received clean clothing, while 350 kilos of clothes did not end up in landfills and 2,250 kilos of carbon dioxide were not released into the environment.

Bringing value every day to Greek society

Additionally, BAT Hellas designed an innovative program for the environment with international standards for the first time in Greece, in the area of Rafina, in collaboration with the NGO "Aegean Rebreath". The program "Small Actions, Big Crimes" included study, awareness and information about the reckless disposal of cigarette butts in the coastal and marine environment and for the first time in Greece waste recording techniques through the use of high technology and satellite systems. For more information, here .

Bringing value every day to Greek society

Under the motto “We give value, we design the future”, BAT Hellas paid a special tribute to the economic and social contribution of kiosks to the Greek society. The company constructed the first 4D kiosk in Greece, showing its transformation overtime towards A Better Tomorrow. Kiosk was exhibited at the Museum of city of Athens, a historic building of high value for the city.

The employees of BAT Hellas also took part in a wide range of activities in an attempt to support the efforts of homeless and socially excluded for social reintegration. Under the guidance of the people of the non-governmental organization, which publishes the street paper "Shedia", company’s employees provided direct and indirect support by upcycling (creative reuse) and transforming various materials into products of high quality and aesthetics, with significant benefits for the organization.

In addition, BAT Hellas has regenerated and upgraded with eight urban interventions in the municipality of Ag. Dimitrios, the Pikrodafni stream, a vital area and a crossing point for residents, with significant environmental value to the ecosystem. Among the actions taken, BAT restored the old bridge in the area, which served as a crossing point for locals, installed solar streetlights, saving significant amounts of energy, and refurbished the area around the stream.

Our cooperation

As a responsible company operating in Greece, with significant positive impact to Greek economy, BAT Hellas collaborates and supports high-profile organizations to locate various social needs and contribute in the best possible way.