Our people

Great people, creative environment as well as investment on continuous education and personal development are our keys to success

In ΒΑΤ Hellas our people are the key to maintaining our competitive advantage and ensuring sustainable growth. We employ very talented people and provide a great place to work, to grow and to develop.

We believe that the most strategic way to invest in the future is through our people. For this reason, we spend so much energy and effort, utilizing the most innovative and contemporary HR practices, to develop tomorrow's business leaders...you!

BAT Hellas employs nearly 100 people in Greece. The company implements strong employment principles, including diversity, openness, responsiveness and responsibility, driving high performance and creating an engaging culture where individuals and teams can be successful.

Within the difficult environment of the pandemic, BAT is one of the first companies in Greece to adopt “Smart Working”, which allowed employees to work away from office, without any changes in their benefits and rights, as well as a special program “Safe Working” for safe work during the coronavirus period.

Respecting in practice its principles, the company is proud to claim that women represent 60% of leadership roles, employees have a sense of belonging and trust in the company, work-life balance is encouraged, and entrepreneurial behavior is rewarded.

In total, during the last two years, BAT has spent approximately 4 million euros to rewarding its employees with bonuses and other important benefits while providing numerous opportunities for development and learning.

In the meantime, the company offers excellent career development opportunities. Recently at least 26% of employees were promoted.

In terms of roles and responsibilities, half of the employees is out in the market while another half is office based. Although the company does not have a production unit in Greece, it holds an important place in the sector of sales, ensuring that the products sold in the Greek market reach all parts of Greece, offering a wide variety of products from BAT Hellas portfolio.

BAT Hellas’ employees are actively involved - with their workplace, their community, their neighbours and each other. Also, our people participate in public awareness campaigns for improving the quality of urban life.

In a nutshell, great people and an engaging culture are key to our success!

If you want a company whose actions reflect their ethics and whose people live their values, BAT Hellas is an excellent choice.

You can find more about job vacancies on  www.bat-careers.com .

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